SpecLabs owns equipment for proximal and remote sensing research that includes radiometric instruments as well as specific instrumentation for field data collection, especially in studies related to the analysis and characterization of vegetation covers.

Radiometric Instrumentation

Full range VIS-NIR-SWIR spectroradiometers ASD FieldSpec FR3 and Fieldspec 4

Full range VIS-NIR spectroradiometer ASD FieldSpec HandHeld

Full range VIS-NIR dual beam spectroradiometer UniSpec-DC

Full range VIS-NIR miniaturized spectroradiometers Oceanoptics STS

Full range VIS-NIR rugerized spectroradiometer ROX

Specim IQ hiperspectral (VIS-NIR) camera

ASD Integration Sphere, ASD Plant Probe + Leaf Clip

Lowell and ASD lamps for illumination of samples in laboratory measurements

Calibrated reference targets (Spectralon)

PAR sensors: Quantum Meter Model MQ - 100

ArHg lamp (HG-1 Ocean Optics) and Maylar® sheets for the calibration of the spectral function of hyperspectral optical sensors

Instruments for vegetation sampling and analysis

Vegetation Moisture Meter: ME2000 Fine Fuel Moisture Meter

Foliar area index sensors: Tracing Radiation and Architecture of Canopies instrument (TRAC) and LICOR LAI2200C meter

Chlorophyll meter: SPAD 502

Precision scales

Hemispheric photography cameras Nikon Coolpix 4500 and Fish eye lens

Drying oven

Other resources

Leica 1200 GPS

Genie Industries TZ-34/20 platform crane