Our main research field is the remote sensing of vegetation, principally developing and improving proximal and remote sensing based products to estimate key vegetation variables within the context of global change and precision agriculture

Developing products of key vegetation variables

empirical and physical models

Related projects: Synertge, Fluxpec, Biospec

Linking spectral data from different sources

Linking spectral information from different scales, sources and instruments to better understand ecosystem dynamics and processes. Long term collaboration with an international team within the Majadas Experimental site, which is part of the FLUXNET eddy covariance network.

Related projects: Synertge, Fluxpec, Biospec

Proximal and remote sensing monitoring of crops

Proximal and remote sensing monitoring of crops for rational and differentiated agronomic management. Precision agriculture for fertilizing and weed management

Related projects: Biospec

Other Research Lines

Vicarious calibration image sensors

Vicarious calibration of multispectral and hyperspectral image sensors on board drones, airborne and satellites

Related Projects: Tragsatec, ICA-CSIC

Protected Areas

We develop indicators to assess and monitor the sustainability of terrestrial and marine protected areas and their surroundings. An integrated perspective considers the four sustainability pillars: environment, society, economy and governance. The implementation of semi-experimental BACI type designs intend to determinate the effectiveness of the protect areas or their networks according to multiple socio-environment aspects.

Related Projects: SOSTPARK, DISEGLOB


We model multi-temporal wildfire human risk and their explanatory factors through different techniques: logistic regression (LR), generalized linear models (GLM) and maximum entropy models (Maxent). Land use-land cover changes, along with climate factors and other human components registered in the Mediterranean regions in the last decades are also analyzed as explanatory factors of wildfire occurrence.

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